Friday, August 21, 2009

Rifftrax/Plan 9 Avatars

If you were lucky enough to witness the Rifftrax Live event last night at a movie theatre near you, you know how damn good of a time it was. That was the first time I had been able to sit through Plan 9 and actually enjoy it. Not only that, but the guys pointed out some things that I never noticed about the film before, like rambling editing in major chunks of the film. (I was usually asleep by mid-film due to it's pure ineptitude.)

Anyway, if you attended, you also got access to a digital goodie bag that included the new short "Flying Stewardesses", a digital autograph from the boys, the Plan 9 Rifftrax song and - the coolest part - my Plan 9 avatar set done specifically for the event!

So far, reaction has been pretty favorable. I am planning on drawing two more female characters and making them available for the ladies. So keep en eye out for them. But I hope everyone had a good time last night. Go and use my avatars!

ON EDIT: The new female avatars are available here and here.

Also, I hope to have an announcement regarding my new art site that I have been talking about on Twitter. Stay tuned for that!