Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tent Town: A New Graphic Novel Project

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to work on a graphic novel.

I have worked with other artists and writers on some projects and they never really got off the ground properly. I have had a lot of concepts running around in my brain, but I knew I wasn't ready to tackle the project or else it was so involved, I didn't know if I would ever have the time to do it properly.

Over the summer, I had posted some concept sketches that I worked on for an idea that had been gelling for about 2 years. The concept was born out of ideas of fear of loss and impending poverty. The climate of the nation's financials didn't help anything, so it just sat there waiting for some life to be injected into it.

Fast forward to Atlanta and DragonCon 09. While at dinner with CNET's Tom Merritt, the topic of conversation turned to graphic novels. Tom had always wanted to work on one but couldn't draw. I always wanted to work on one, and while I could write, I needed a writer who could navigate science fiction territory better than I could. Hence, the project Tent Town was born.

It should be made clear that this project is NOT, I repeat NOT an ongoing webcomic. This is basically a way for Tom and I to work on a project together and see where it takes us. If the response is positive, we'll continue. If it's lukewarm, we can always move the project to the back burner. This is strictly for the fun of it. And sometimes, you just have to work on projects like that.

A big thanks to Tom for agreeing to work on this with me. The story is certainly developing and we look forward to showcasing it in the coming weeks.