Friday, March 07, 2014

Jawbone: The First 60: Episode 2

Episode is more of the same from the Pilot, where we discuss our impending home inspection, except now, we have two mics and some production values.  Keep in mind it is less than 24 hours than we did the last show.  When we first started podcasting, Nora and I were doing 3 shows a week!  We were young and crazy and out of control.  This is getting closer to where we ended up, but we are still battling all kinds of audio issues on our end.  Nora sounds a little drunk because she still hasn't learned how to combat the audio delay by pulling one earphone off your ear.

I hope you are enjoying these.  If you are please let us know!  BTW, Nora and I will still be recording new shows.  This is just an extra for longtime fans of our show.