Thursday, December 08, 2005

Podcaster Art Calendar Pulled from CafePress?

That seems to be the case. I logged into my account at Cafepress to purchase a calendar of my own to see that the calendar is not available on the storefront, and that it has been flagged for review. Looking at their TOS, it looks as if they think that the calendar is violating third party rights:

NO photos, logos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting celebrities, such as Michael Jackson or Madonna, or other third parties. Just because you take a photograph of a celebrity does not give you the right to use that photograph on merchandise, even if you digitally manipulate the photograph.

So, even though I drew these on behest of the podcasters, I can't sell them? Help me out here, Cafepress. In any event, I'm waiting to hear back from them on this issue. Hopefully they'll be back up in the shop soon.

If not, then those who ordered and recieved them have really gotten a rare item indeed.

UPDATE: Looks like it's the month of August that is in question. Darth Vader, Yoda, R2, Chewbacca, and Spock are all liscensed. Duh. So I can either take them off the calendar and reload. Yet, that leaves a very lonely month of August.

UPDATE #2: I had to severely cut the month of August and remove all the Star Wars and Star Trek images. I'm sorry to the podcasters who got cut, but I get Cafepress's point. Hopefully, it still makes for a decent calendar.


  1. Why not use 'broadband the knight' for august ?

  2. That is a great idea! I will add him today.

  3. Len,
    Cafepress is awful. Get this. I took the "Spock" art you did for me and got a shirt made by them - just for me - not to sell. They gave me the same response you got. I did finally get my one shirt, but they won't let me do more. When I told them it was art that I paid for they still said I couldn't do it. I really don't get it. Paparazzi can snap pics all day long of celebs but art can't be sold?? Stupid. I'd look into other places besides Cafepress to deal with.

  4. Hey Len,
    One more thing. I'd love to still get a calendar if you have any extras. Let me know and I can Paypal you direct.