Thursday, December 01, 2005

We Love "Lost"

Yeah, it's got a great ensemble cast. Sure, it's got a creepy X-File-ish type feel to it. Of course, it's got mysterious monsters, puzzles and island secrets. But most of all, it has Kate. And that's a good reason to like the show too.

According to Scott at EL, Lost is off for six weeks! Ah well. At least I get my Wednesday nights back. I'll have to listen to that Evangeline songto keep me comfort. (shudders)

BTW, if you haven't already checked out the unofficial LOST podcast, The Transmission, add it to your reader today. It's a show done by two fans of the show who happen to live in Hawaii, where LOST films. Good stuff!

Also, I've been meaning to link this up for quite some time, but here is a wonderful article by author Stephen King, who challenges LOST producers to end the show when the story is told, and not keep it on the air just for the money and ad revenue. I concur.


  1. I agree. I soooooooo hope they end the story and don't milk it. Truthfully, the MOST I think they could get is 3-4 years. Any more is WAY overdoing it.

  2. I love Lost. I love Evangeline Lilly. I love Stephen King's point about ending it when the story's over.

    It's an all around love fest over here.

  3. Agreed. I think the writers have a good grasp of not letting it go on forever. Need to start getting some new answers though when it comes back in Jan.