Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Link Dump: Round Up Of Random Weird Stuff

As you can imagine, we get a lot of odd stuff submitted to Jawbone, both for the blog and for the podcast. And sometimes it's difficult to get everything posted in a timely manner. So what I've decided to do is do some "spring cleaning" and post a bunch of links to odd stuff people have sent the show over the past few weeks.

From DJ Hojo:
The Official Meat of NASCAR
(BTW, if you're at all into electronic music and alternative from the early 90s, check out DJ's newly redesigned blog.)

From Dennis in Santa Cruz:
The Felton Bigfoot Museum -- There's a guy who collects Bigfoot stool samples quoted in the story.

From Wayne in the UK:
Japanese Rope Jumping Video - He said I would enjoy this. And I did!
He also sent a pretty cool video of wildly improbable pool shots.

From Matt:
Bullet Angelica -- A comic book written as it goes along -- an artist gets a 400 x 400 pixel panel and then it's posted online. Then the next person picks up where the last panel ended. Pretty random and very cool!

A Monk-E Mail from Bill. It's sort of creepy, and it's branded from Career Builder, but how can you not love talking monkeys?

Keep the links coming folks! And if I don't get your link up in a timely manner, I'll probably do more link dumps in the future.