Friday, April 07, 2006

More Coulton Cross Promotion

Yesterday, we made an overture to you, dear blog reader, to help us bring musician Jonathan Coulton to our fine city. We're still hoping that those of you who aren't in Cleveland still ask Mr. Coulton to come out to Cleveland. And if you do, we expect you to come to Cleveland and watch him play his music and wash our cars. But to further entice Mr. Coulton to come to town ( as well as thank him for letting us play his music on a regular segment on the show) I've decided to draw original artwork to go along with his Thing A Week.

This week, the song is called When You Go and it has nothing to do with Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy cartoon. I just have a thing for Nancy. You can purchase and download the song from his site. You can also subscribe to his podcast and get the song when he uploads it. But if you can, give the guy some cash. If not for his music, then for the hell of a job he does mowing lawns.