Saturday, August 30, 2008

King Of The Geeks

King Of The Geeks
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When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago, I got to hang around with Jonathan Coulton a bit. One of things I needed to do was meet him at the TWiT booth and make sure he got to Quark's bar for a scheduled interview. As we were walking for the Expo to the bar, he was stopped a bunch of times to be interviewed or photographed. I hung back, sort of listening to the interview questions and one of the exchanges went something like this:

INTERVIEWER: You have really found a niche for your music on the internet, Jonathan.

JOCO: Yes, they really seemed to have cottoned to it.

INTERVIEWER: A lot of your fans seem to be geeks and nerds.

JOCO: That appears to be the case, yes.

INTERVIEWER: So, how does it feel to be King of The Geeks?

I kind of chuckled to myself. Being called "King of the Geeks" a few years ago would be grounds to have your face mashed onto the fresh-mown grass and not a badge of honor. So I told JoCo that I would illustrate that, since it seemed so ripe for parody. So, here is the illustration, done quickly on Vellum Bristol board on a balmy Saturday afternoon and colored quickly in Photoshop. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I first concepted it, but it seemed to come together nicely. Plus, the video of Felicia Day and Coulton playing "Still Alive" made everything feel that much more appropriate. A tip of the hat goes to Fourteen at GOTA for her inspiration on this piece.