Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bashing Adam Curry on A Bus

Thanks to our link to, we wanted to see what would happen if we bashed Adam Curry. I wanted to do more on the Anti-podcast bit, but we were both pretty tired. We're still planning on trying to cut a promo telling AC about our upcoming manifesto against him. We shall see.

SHOW NOTES: Running Time: 31:32
The Anti-podcast.
Being dysfunctional with the godfather of podcasting.
Railing against Adam Curry.
Flory Dories.
Wife Swap.
Living on a bus.
Awkward silence.
Nora recounts childhood road trips.
Angry at the cart machine.

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  1. Anyone who goes against the podgod know as Adam Curry is ok in my book. I'll definently check out the show. Rock On.

    Bibb+Yaz Take Over the World!

  2. I thought i'd say hi, and leave a message from down here in Australia. It's unkind of people to stop by and not say hello..

    So g'day, and keep the podcasts rolling in.

  3. Hey thanks for dropping by. It's good to know people are listening.

  4. How much Adam Curry DID we drink?

  5. This is a brilliant idea! I have been waiting for a show to start attacking other podcasts for a while now. Someone needs to do a podcast that focuses on how podcasting sucks.

    You should set up a skype message service to bash curry and put the messages into a rss feed.

    Chris Rockwell
    The Daily Download
    -listen to me poop

  6. Hey Chris, we've been bashing other 'casts for awile now, infact we are going to make it a weekly segment. I think those of us who aren't afraid to bash others, especially the big AC and other leets should form some sorta union or webring.

    Bibb+Yaz Take Over the World!

  7. We just opened up our Anti-Curry voicemail line. Feel free to leave us weird stuff and anti-Curry comments at 206.666.2326. 206.6NO ADAM. :)