Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bring On The Meat - Sideways!

Running Time - 51:42
Nora thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
Aftermath of the Cleaning Crew.
Pandering for votes at Podcast Alley. Help keep us in the top 50!
Husband and Wife podcasts.
Mr. X and Just Julie's homage to Jawbone - the Jawbone Chicken.
The art of the crank phone call.
Grabbing the mic and extraneous noise with our modesty panel.
Two mixes of "Bring the Meat" by DJ Hojo.
"I sound like The Joker."
We discuss the killer chairs in our home theatre.
Our first movie review of Sideways.
The music of Snap Floosie.
We introduce the world to the Fluble and Baby Hampants.
End song by D. Verada.

If you'd like to start using the new currency, Flubles, click on of the images below. You will get a large scale image of the Fluble note to start sharing and exchanging among your friends. In Baby Hampants We Trust!

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1 comment:

  1. Now, it's always strange to be driving to work, listening to one of your favorite Podcasts and then--BLAM!--you hear yourself on that very Podcast. I had no idea you were going to talk about little old Mr. X and Just Julie--that's called Podcast Incest you know---where one podcast talks about another and go back and forth. Thanks guys--halfway through the show and the Meat song is worth the price of admission alone--I wish I had a DJ to write songs about our crappy show!