Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dissin' New Jersey and Canadians

Nora's sister, Laura, and our friend from New Jersey, Monica, join us for tonight's show, as we celebrate Laura's birthday - Jawbone Style.

Running Time: 36:01
My 24 Voice
New Jersey,The Garbage State.
Pining for Cleveland
"The sagging rump of Canada"
Animal Lover
Let's play Guess the Dog
People from New Jersey sound like Braying Jackasses
Fur People and The "D" Word
Colored Communication Hats
The Shout Out Portion of the show.
New Jersey by The Boneheads.
I'm getting a strong NPR vibe."
Nora speaks on doing taxes.
Taxation without representation.
Councilman wants to create Lakewood-only Currency
Basement project is almost done, inlcuding our movie theatre. (pictures coming soon!)
Happy Birthday, Laura from Bubb Rubb.
Mr X and Just Julie Jawbone Chicken and Hometown Tales.

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