Thursday, April 14, 2005

Strong In The Force, This Show Is

Running Time: 37:28
Nora's gots the flu.
Watching movies to pass the time.
Battlestar Galatica.
Trying to call the Star Wars line.
Star Wars Extra by Perfekt Gentlemen.
We meet Sarah, a Star Wars fan from Columbus, OH who is waiting in line in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
"What the hell is the deal? Are you in front of the right theatre?"
Star Wars Trivia.
Should Chewbacca wear pants?
We are huge MST3K and Mike Nelson fans.

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  1. Hurrah Star Wars!!!!! :D

    MST3K is awesome....

  2. Poor Sarah in line at the Star Wars opening is either going to A.) Go crazy from all the podcasters calling her B.) End up on the David Letterman show C.) Start her own Podcast and start calling back and harrassing the Podcasters that called her in step A.

    Isn't anyone going to ask her if she's wearing a Han Solo thong?

    ~Mr. X, " the cast be with you."