Friday, May 13, 2005

It is Friday the 13th after all right?

Well, we did our interview with Mike Nelson of MST3K tonight. It was great talking to Mike and getting his take on movies, enertainment, home theatre and other things.

However after we hung with him, I realized that Wiretap Pro had locked up and we lost OUR ENTIRE INTERVIEW WITH HIM! Not just part of it, but the whole freaking thing. There is nary a trace that we had talked to him tonight except for the profuse notes that both Nora and I had taken in preperation for the interview.

I am working with the company that makes the software that recorded the interview to try to get the audio back. (If anyone can help figure this out, I would be eternally grateful) But I am not holding out much hope of recovering it.

I am blaming this all on Friday the 13th. :(


  1. Remember on Sesame Street when Big Bird would see Snuffleupagus and no one would believe that he saw him? That's what I feel like right now. I have no evidence except for my memory that we even talked to Mike last night. :(

  2. I am so sorry! I can't believe you lost the whole thing.

    Hey, maybe I can ask him to be on my show, and you can skype in and ask some questions too...

  3. Hey guys - back in town do I get myself enlisted in the Podcast Outlaws Network? Sounds like fun!

    For the record, I came home to a mouse, and bought traps, and cigarettes(not for me) - the total bill on the above, $6.66 on Friday, the 13th.

    Then, I woke up and spent 300 bucks on my car. I think the two are related.

    Looks like I have some catching up to do - drop me an email, would love to know what Winer had to say about your podcast....and it will probably take me a lot of listening before I find out!

  4. p.s. - I JUST went through the same thing, lost an entire, really good(in our opinion) show, the week before I left on vacation - software glitched, and I lost the damn thing.