Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jawbone #40: Outlaws, Ghosts and Puppets

Allergies are under control for now and we have a new show! Hooray. Things have been mighty busy around the Nobby Annex. Lots to talk about. Once again, Nora's sister, Joan, sits in with us as we discuss a new joint endeavor, The Podcast Outlaws Network. We are also preparing for our big interview with Mike Nelson tonight!

Also you may notice that our shows are being indexed differently once again. This comes from a directive for proper ID3 tags for our podcasts from this blog. This will (hopefully) be the final change to indexing our shows. Thanks for bearing with us.

Running Time: 53:07
Tonight's podcast is sponsored by DIVX.
Song for Nora by Kipp from Napoleon Dynamite.
I am now making money off podcasting
Announcement of The Podcast Outlaws Network.
Shining the spotlight on the little guy.
A very cool recommendation - Radio Free Calamity.
Discussion about the inagural show of Podshow.
Joan talks about the future of podcasting.
Banana suits.
Apparently, AustinCast no longer wants to interview us now that we aren't in the top 50 podcasts at Podcast Alley.
The Ghost the Feeds by Nathan Chase.
Ghost by Machine Made Pleasure.
Hometown Tales made a special promo for us. (It's pretty tough to hear, but bear with us, the ghost stories are pretty cool.)
Tales about The Franklin Castle probably one of the most infamous haunted places in Cleveland.
First traffic light was installed in Downtown Cleveland.
Puritas Hill Roller Coaster.
Nora's story about bottle caps.
Rushing the show. And ghost stories.
Listener e-mail from John in the UK.
Shout out to our nephew, Francis, in Eden Prairie.
We are confirmed to talk to Mike Nelson tonight! We are quite excited. I am bringing out my Tom Servo robot in honor of this interview.
Shout out to Simulacrum.
End Song.

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  1. Hey....I have a picture of one of my relatives sitting on the bare steel structure that became the top of the terminal tower!

    He worked on the crew and someone took his picture on the "peak" before it was totally in place!

    Other cool weird Cleveland related stuff:


  2. Not true! wants to do an interview!