Sunday, May 29, 2005

Jawbone #45: New Jersey Loves Patrick Swayze

This is our longest show yet. We're almost pushing an hour with this one. Nora's sister, Joan is along for the ride as well as Laura, who is suffering from a bad case of laryngitis. We also welcome our friends from New Jersey, Monica and Hari, as they discuss why their fair state is a great place to live.

Running Time: 55:43
I am an honorary member of the New Jersey Podcasters Association.
Why Roadhouse is a great 80's film.
Standing up for New Jersey.
Driving into the bottom of an ice cream cone.
Indian culture in Jersey.
Wisconsin, Hmongs, Fatburger and Frozen Custard.
Fatits and Fitness Freaks.
American Idol Runner-up, Bo Bice and his band Purge, My Blessed Blues.
Maniacs Merge by Bass 211.
Shout out to Luis, our Portugese listener and all our other seven listeners.
Some little kid peed on our new couch tonight.
An audio comment from Aaron Neville.
Back to New Jersey.
The Edison Museum and The Apple Store.
Nora is confused about where our podcasting friends are from.
The Swear Witch Project.
Hari and Horror Films.
Comparing Star Wars to Roadhouse.

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