Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jawbone #133: BroLo in the HoLo

On this episode of Jawbone Radio, we talk to the man, the legend and the musician Larry Florman AKA Brother Love. He chats about his brush with Reality TV fame, his take on music and personal relationships and his music in movies and TV. He also spills where the name Brother Love came from. Also, we debut our first installment of "Customer Service Theatre".

You may want to note that this show is our first, and hopefully not our last, enhanced podcast. If you check out your iTunes Art, you'll find links to stuff we've talked about and also other fun photos. Hopefully it will work for you. Let us know!

EDIT: The Enahnced Podcast is not downloading in iTunes, so if you'd like to see the hard work we put into the links for the show and chapters and all that fun stuff, check out this file here.

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Brother Love

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