Tuesday, October 17, 2006


LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN ZOMBIE-ISM: Max Brooks, son of legendary comedian, Mel Brooks, has written a book called The Zombie Survival Guide, a very tongue-in-cheek, dry guide to surviving a zombie attack. He is also just published a book entitled "World War Z: An Oral History Of the Zombie Wars". With my involvement in starting the Zombie Army group on Flickr, this seems to be right up this blog's alley.

Not only does this play in directly with my work with the Zombie Army, but there is also an art contest associated with the paperback edition of the book:
"We invite you to create a graphic image inspired by the events recounted in the book. We'll choose one winner and the winner's art will be featured on the WorldWarZ.net website. In fall 2007, the art will become part of the paperback edition of World War Z, where it will live in perpetuity!"
Check out the whole deal here. I tried sending some images this morning, but they messages came back undeliverable, so perhaps they are still working out the bugs. But I'll be sure to keep checking.

Thanks to Matt for the heads-up!