Friday, March 30, 2007

The Jawbone Art Project: MONSTERS BY MAIL!

OK, so I have been inspired once again by Ape Lad and his wonderfully cool hobo portrait idea. What appealed to me so much about the concept was this idea of instant art (a la Keith Haring). This quick, accessible artwork that is visually appealing and just darn cool to look at.

So here's what I'm doing: For a limited time, I am offering original hand-drawn monster artwork. That's right. For a mere $20 per drawing, I will draw an original hand colored monster for you on a 4 x 6 size postcard. I will only be doing 150 of these original sketches. They will be signed and numbered and will most likely fit into a decorative frame of your choice.

Not only that, but I will create a video of each monster and post it to the official site: Monster By Mail. That's right, you'll actually be able to watch your own monster be drawn in real time!

All of the proceeds from this event will go to pay for the doctor and hospital bills associated with the upcoming birth of our baby in the fall.

So here's all you have to do to get the ball rolling: Go to Monsters By Mail and write in an adjective describing your monster. (Greasy, Stinky or Melancholy, for example) Remember to provide me your address so I know where to send the artwork. After your transaction is complete, your monster request will be added to the list. I will then draw a monster based on your adjective, slap a stamp on it and mail it to you.

I've turned this post into a LEN TV vidcast as well, so you can see the process of how the monsters will be created and what you can expect to get in the mail. So enjoy the bonus show as well!

My artpens are warmed up and I'm ready to draw. And know that you're helping make our next child's entry into the world a little easier. So what are you waiting for? Join the fun and get your own Monster By Mail! Thanks for all your support!

UPDATE: The story...she is DUGG. Thanks to Tvindy! Help Digg it please!

SECOND UPDATE: The response has been really great! I have to think about streamlining the process, but I'm sure it will come in time.

BTW, You can see the first video of the very first request here. As soon as we can, we will have all the videos available at Monsters By Mail, so you can browse the images and the vids.

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