Friday, March 02, 2007

Nerds With Mics (and Daggers) RULE!

Here's an interesting bit of information. As you may all know, I am an officer in the ELR/Instance guild on Wow (named Alea iacta est or "The Die Is Cast" courtesy of CNET's Veronica Belmont) Well, the guild is turning out to be THE WoW podcasting guild. Not only did we welcome none other than Mr. Coverville himself, Brian Ibbott to the fray, but one of the most influential podcasters TWiT's Leo Laporte signed on last night as well!

The guild has grown to extraordinary proportions in less than 2 weeks. Over 600 real members are playing and, I'm not kidding, I see about about 10-15 members added each time I log on. If you have WoW and you'd like to join the fun, find Dreadspine, Kaustic or even me, Wiiremotus. :)