Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monster By Mail: The Hokie Returns

Over the weekend, I got a request for Phase 2 of Monster By Mail for "...But The Hokie Always Prevails" along with a note from the person apologizing for being "emotionally charged" but she really wanted to see this interpreted in my style.

Not knowing much about Hokies, I googled it and realized -- oh, that's the mascot of Virginia Tech. Another oh, when I realized the request came from Blacksburg, VA.

Needless to say, I was a bit taken back by the request. I mean, I'm drawing monsters here. Silly monsters at that. This -- this was pretty deep. Last week we witnessed a real monster take the lives of 33 people and wound 15 others. Not only that, but with the theme "Monster Movies", you can imagine my thoughts about how I should interpret the drawing.

Well, after some thought and some creative lisence, I came up with a take on it that serves (hopefully) as a tribute to the students and faculty of Viginia Tech. Remember, at the end of every good monster movie, the good guys win.

My thoughts and prayers go to out to everyone touched by this tragedy.

NOTE: The silence at the end of the video is intentional. As was not coloring in the hand at the bottom of the picture.