Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Monster Videos

Wanted to link up the newest Monster Vids. I probably won't be linking them all up (unless it's a REALLY COOL one). But you can always see the latest videos at Monster By Mail. You can also see the finished drawings (usually first, since the videos take me a while to create, although I am getting better at them) at my Flickr set.

Thanks again for the amazing response. I plan on getting a few done each day, so turnaround time right now is about a week or so for the art to arrive in your mailbox (maybe a little longer if you are out of the US.)

If you like what you're seeing, tell a friend, link up the site, DIGG it, etc.

Also, a big thanks to Dan who has been incredibly instrumental in making the site and programming the backend. Danco absolutely rocks!

Here is one of favorite ones so far, for the word Ferretlike:

And here some links so some others: