Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jawbone #212: July 4th With Bill Corbett

"Tonight, on this very special episode of Jawbone Radio..."

Tonight's show is very special. In fact, I would call this UBERSPECIAL! Our guest is none other than Bill Corbett of one of our favorite TV Shows of all time, Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Bill talks a lot of his days with MST, Rifftrax and the movie "Meet Dave" starring Eddie Murphy that comes out July 11, which he co-wrote with Rob Greenberg.

A huge heapin' of thanks go out to Paul Sabourin who was able to secure this interview for us and who brought us that much closer to hitting the trifecta of speaking to all three hosts of Rifftrax. Kevin Murphy, we're gunning for ya! Enjoy the show and enjoy your Fourth, you Americans you!

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