Friday, June 24, 2005

Hometown Tales Drawings

Was able to work on just a few more drawings this week. But real-life is getting in the way over here. So my production is slowing down considerably. However, I wanted to do a cartoon of two of my favorite New Jersey podcasters, Bryan and Gene from Hometown Tales:

There is something very Don Knotts/Tim Conway about this drawing. Anyone remember the movie The Private Eyes? I saw that when I was a kid and was totally enamored as the Knotts/Conway team tracked the elusive Wooklar. Obscure I know...but this sketch reminded me of that movie. I hope I did justice to how cool Hometown Tales is. I know they aren't exclusively bigfoots, aliens and ghosts...but I just couldn't resist.

They had also asked for a classic illustration of Bigfoot for one of their upcoming shows, so I just had to take them up on the offer.

I actually did a second drawing of Bigfoot, but he looked too metrosexual. His hair was combed and well-coiffed. I thought he looked pretty good, until Nora said I should draw him more orangutan-like. Then, the fat guy in our basement, Neil, drew a quick sketch of Bigfoot and that seemed to work better. So I refined the drawing and went from there.

Ok, now for the bad news...

I believe this project may be coming to an end. I am perfectionist when it comes to my artwork and I simply cannot spend the time that I'd like to spend on these drawings. I never expected the response I got from them, both from podcasters and listeners, and I am truly appreciative of all of kind comments and praise my illustration work has been given over the past few weeks. I think I tend to de-value my skills because I've always been able to draw. So to hear postive things about the sketches has been incredibily humbling and therapuetic all at once. I cannot thank you all enough.

I am still going to be selling these shirts at the Podcaster Art store. So if you were a podcaster I did a drawing for and don't mind me putting your show up there, be looking for your design in the coming weeks.

If you were waiting for a sketch from me, the wait will probably be longer than I originally anticipated. Please keep in mind that the illustration services are a part of what I do for a living, so paying clients would have to come first. I have a nice big fat list of requests, and I do plan on working my way through them eventually. So if you don't mind the wait( dot dot dot).

However, if you would like to commission me for my illustration services, that is always an option. Send me an e-mail and I can let you know what the cost of a request will be. I try to be fair with my all my clients. But just keep in mind, this talent helps feeds our five kids. Nuff said.

I hope I'm not upsetting anyone by backing out on this project, since I did ask for requests. I guess I wasn't prepared for people actually liking what I was doing.

Ok! Now back to the show...(there is a show associated with all these drawings, remember?)

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