Saturday, June 11, 2005

More Podcasting Sketches!

Spent some time this afternoon doing some drawings for podcasters and listeners this afternoon. It's good to be sketching again. It keeps me loose and happy. Anyhow if you head on over to the Podcast Alley forums, you'll see a bunch of podcasters using the avs I drew for them on their posts. Funs stuff, and quite flattering if I do say so, myself.

Ok, let's get to the new drawings. First off, for our good friend DjHojo, here is the Skunk Ape and Wobble Eggs:

I didn't really know how to draw such a thing, and when Nora saw what I was drawing, she had to ask the question, "what are you doing this for again?" Unfortunately, I couldn't answer...

Here is Big Mike and JustSue from the Extra Super Action Show:

I think this would make an awesome comic book. Maybe Marvel or DC or Dark Horse will pick up on this idea and pay me millions to draw it. Then again, maybe I'll be eating cold burritos out of the back of my van one day. That seems more likely.

Neil and Company from Borderline. I'm going to have to ask Neil what the deal is with the two women. I'm intrigued.

A new podcaster on the scene, Nobody Likes Onions. I feel bad for the onion. I actually like onions. Here is his logo holding an iPod.

Ths drawing was starting to put me in the realm of Just Married signs. I've done a ton of those in my time. I wish I could have come up with something cooler for Ferg and Shelly from AirFerg. But hopefully they will like it:

I've been meaning to subscribe to this podcast for quite some time, and the pictures of Nasa Janet may have finally pushed me over the edge. They make me feel all funny inside for some reason. Perhaps it was her lovely blonde hair. flawless complexion and guileless blue eyes. Or maybe because Pete looks like hunky Mel Gibson in some of his photos. Either way, you gotta give it up for this good looking couple from Illinoise!

I was challenged by the host of the Tartanpodcast and since I have a strange fascination with the Scottish, I had to bang out this one drawing:

Fun and kinda sterotypical, but I know the Scots have a good sense of humor, so no worries, mate!

Anyhow, this project has really garnered a lot of attention. So much in fact, that it may actually stimulate some growth in the illustration side of my biz. So, if anyone is looking for an illustrator on a project, please feel free to send me an e-mail. I'm pretty reasonable and you'll be happy with what you get. I pri-zomise.


  1. Yea, please hire this man--as you can see he is a master craftsman, starting with the logo to all these awesome sketches--But, everyone back the %^$$# off because *I* am his new manager and I take 10% off the top.

  2. Your Illinoise looks like you have some Phil Foglio influence. I dig it!