Monday, June 06, 2005

Jawbone #47: Monday and Our Skin is Crawling with Parasites

It's a hot summer night in Cleveland, and we do a laid back show from our living room via the IRiver. Woo-hoo!

Running Time: 34:12
We don't do Mondays.
Our plumbing problems.
I drew a friends colon today.
Dinner from Food Fetchers.
Childhood obesity.
Discussion of our upcoming guest.
Nora's dream. Len is still annoying in her dreams.
Not excited about food any longer.
We are being squeezed out of the podcasting party. Rush Limbaugh and Gov. Ahnold are now podcasting.
Apple will now have Intel Inside.

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  1. Can you explain the colon dwg? I have an urge to see it, I can not explain why.

    You mentioned some of the left over food from the mexican resturant, but It did not sound Mexican. Did i hear it wrong or did the mexicans move to italy?

  2. I can't link a picture here. So I'll make a special post.

    BTW, we wanted to go Mexican. But they were closed. So we went to Pickwick and Frolic.