Sunday, June 12, 2005

Reciprocation Drawlings

The crew from the Borderline was so jazzed about the drawings I did of them, that Lynn decided to reciprocate and draw us.

From the e-mail, Lynn writes:

"Since I'm the one with the art degree, I was chained to a table and forced to produce these using nothing but a sharpie, watercolors, and my tears. And, since I had nothing to go off of except your eyes- you are now Batman and a parachuting ninja. Mystery! The bonus feature is that the eyes are separate drawings so they can be interchanged or used on other bodies I may draw in the future.... so don't piss us off. :-) Bwahahahahahaha! (That was an evil laugh) So in conclusion, these aren't as good as the beautiful drawings you sent us - but we hope you enjoy them anyway! Hooray! Thanks!"

What can we say? We're both very flattered and happy to be turned into high art as well. Thanks Lynn!

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