Friday, June 10, 2005

Let the Drawings Begin!

After we did last night's show, and we asked for drawing suggestions, we immediately started getting some requests. So here are a few that I got from Podcast Alley and from the blog.

First, for Michael G who inspired this crazy drawing mess, here is your placenta.

It may not be exactly what you wanted, but I wanted to give it a little more character than just the lining of the womb, so I added eyes. Plus, I noticed the cross section kind of looked like a smile, so I ran with it.

Aaron from Queen Creek asked for Adam Curry in front of Castle Greyskull:

I feel this drawing is kind of bordering on the "Can you draw She-Hulk naked" question. Hmmmm.

Please keep em coming. They may take a while, but I promise they will be worth it.


  1. Beautiful The drawing exceded my expectations.

    I shuddered after scrolling down to view the naked she-ra. Oh wait it was AC. .:shudder:. again

  2. Mr. Jawbone should have his work hanging in the Louvre and the MOMA. These drawing are really nice - and I should know - I've been eating crayons for 40 years...

    Awesome work man. Fantastic stuff.

    You got my vote!

    Adam Tinkoff