Monday, June 20, 2005

Sketches for A Monday Morning

Took most of this weekend off, but I was able to work a few drawing requests. First off, Melinda from the MarilynCast.

What cracks me up about this request is that Melinda told me that, while she loves the drawing, she feels I drew her too thin. What are the chances of that happening? Very funny. I think you look great, Melinda. :)

Here is Rev. Tim from the Godcast Network:

Another request for Firehouse FM podcast. I love the way this one is looking like a cover to a comic book.

And finally, in honor of Coverville's 100th show, here is my "art cover" of Brian:

Lots to color. So little time. Keep watching for more.


  1. dude the rev. tim one looks creepy.

  2. Good work Len. I got my ESAS tshirt, love it! Don't let people who aren't loving the drawings get you down. You are doing awesome stuff!