Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jawbone #48: We've Got Itchy Palms

This show is jam-packed from back to end. It's wacky's wackicraztastic!

Running Time: 51:09
Call from the Prophet Yahweh.
Our interview with Palmist Myrna Lou.
Inside Of My Palm by Dead Rock Stars.
Message from Paris Hilton.
Jim Morrison is alive and playing out.
Message from Elvis.
More messages from our international friends.
Nora is itchy.
A story about Portugal for Luis.
The first podcast hotel.
A little about my paying podcasting gig. It's podcasts about Duct Tape.
Now taking drawing requests from listeners.
"Can you draw She-Hulk naked?"

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  1. Awesome show--I just can't believe Len didn't screw this interview up like the last debauchery with Charles Nelson Reilly or Michael J. Fox or whoever that was. I almost crashed the XMobile trying to figure out all those damn lines on my hands this morning. I should be living to the ripe old age of 342 according to my calculations, thanks to Myrna. I still can't believe the level of talent you are getting calling into your show--each week it's like a "cavalcade of stars," or a "buffet of stars" even. I'd go almost as far as saying it's even a "cornucopia of stars" but I don't think I can bring myself there just yet. We could probably just settle on a "potpourri of stars" for now. Your show is very similar to that American Idol program, but without the 3 idiot judges, the dumb theme song and the stupid audience and all the damn singing.

    Love and kisses from Boise, Idaho.

  2. ^^^ He has said it all ^^^^

    Any chance of getting a Placenta drawing??? Or a Human JawBone including teeth.....

    Oh, No Kisses from me. Your cute, but not my type...