Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two of Our Personal Faves

I've been buried under cartooning requests, but I was able to work up these cartoons of two of our faves from the podcasting/vlogging world. Amanada Congdon from Rocketboom:

Because of the listener comment that said the cartoon looked nothing like Amanda, I went ahead and did a second one. Both Amanda and I agree dthat it looks nothing like her as well. And when you have a very discriminating audience as she does over at Rocketboom, you have to aim to please. So here is take 2:

I think this looks closer to her and matches her personality.

And self-proclaimed Jawbone fan, Eric Rice:

More coming! I promise. Plus a new podcast tonight. Things are good. :)

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  1. cool drawings, but that doesn't really look like amanda

  2. I really want to do another one of her that looks more like her. I usually get the hair right first, if I can get the hair right, the face follows. I am doing another one of these today.