Thursday, March 31, 2005

The "Hey, It's Aaron's Chick" Show

We do our longest show yet! How long before our shows push an hour? Anywho, our special guest, Joan (who sounds remarkably like Nora) joins us for a rousing late-night game of foxy-boxing from our attic studio.

Running Time - 49:51
A Nora Sound-Alike.
Nora doesn't listen to the show.
Adam Curry photo.

A discussion about Aaron's groupies.
"I can feel his presence."
Len's weird friend.
Applebee's Wrap Up.
"Always keep the IRiver running."
Saucy Hojo.
Link to Jib Jab Drug Animation
Music from the Austin Lounge Lizards
The Complaint Dept.
"What the hell happened to our Cafepress shirts?"
"No one loves me."
Spilling Mocha.
Viagra Software that pleases women.
Nigerian guys asking for money.
Tivo popup ads.
American Idol wrap-up.
ButtBuster Video.
Bad Car jingle.
:20 donut
The Grape Fall.
Laughing at other's misfortunes.
Too many ways to get in touch with us.

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  1. Thanks for giving me something to listen to at work. I have alot of catching up to do on this.

    I just checked your ranking and you are #43.

    Nobs, the new Burger King commercial with Hootie is not funny.

  2. WTF is a treelawn?

    Great Show !!!!

  3. Someone keeps putting their hands
    on the microphone and banging it around very distracting.
    Keep your hand on the microphones please !

  4. Hey, it's ur nephew, Francis (aka "Move, Private Donnelly!") This is the best Podcast! Uncle Len & Aunt Nora, u guys rock...hard! Is there any chance a young college student/soldier/mini-matthew/whatever can get a guest spot?