Friday, June 17, 2005

The Stark Wonder Of It All

For those who are keeping score, here are two more drawings.

The Pat portion of This and That with Jeff and Pat asked for an avatar for the Podcast Alley forums. She also asked for me to give her large breasts. Now, I wanted to fulfill her request, without being creepy (is that possible?) so I drew her in the only was I knew Wonder Woman. Now come to think of it, I should have drawn her as She-Hulk:

Jim from the StarkCast posed an interesting problem. The photo he offered was not only small, but showed mostly his shoes:

As you can see, not much to go on. However, I really like the name of his podcast, so I decided to take the name and make a sort of film-noir black and white drawing. I think this may be one of my favorites thus far. I love black and white, so this was a nice departure from the colorful stuff I had been doing. I hope he likes it.

Believe it or not, this blog does have a podcast associated with it. We will be recording one soon, with any luck. So stay tuned for it.

1 comment:

  1. Len,

    WonderWoman rocks... Pat has attempted to deny any responsibility for the request, but I think she's happy with the results. Gotta get me a thisandthatpodcast shirt...

    I would love to drop you a photo for a drawing to put on my Whole Lot of Nonsense PodCast. Can I just drop you an email with the photo... or is there any bowing and scraping required... I can do that, too.