Monday, June 13, 2005

Jawbone #49: He Looks A Little Like Chris Elliot

Running Time: 45:48
We need to update our Netflix list.
I guess I'm not going to meet Steve Young from the 49ers.
Talking about the podcaster artwork I did over the weekend.
We discuss Matt from the Metal Show's interview with Alan Jorgenson from Ministry. (Matt, if you can post this interview that would rock.)
Elvis calls in once again.
More about our podcaster drawings, including Jeff and Pat.
Clearing the air about Adam Curry. Am I becoming a fanboy?
Nora is turning over a new leaf.
Our trip to the West SIde Market.
When I'm Stuck I Turn to Duct Tape by Something To Do.
Feedback from my palm reading with Myrna.
My thoughts about the XBOX 360 and the next round of Macs.
It's Fathers Day this weekend this weekend.

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