Monday, June 20, 2005

Jawbone #52: Drawbone

There's been a lot of interest generated from the drawings coming from this show. "How are you drawing these? What techniques are you using? What are you doing in our house?" So, on tonight's episode, Nora and I do a live drawing demonstration and take you through the process of sketching one of these podcaster drawings. Thanks to Patrick from NLO for the show name and Mr. X for giving me the whole show idea.

BTW, this is what Nora's drawing ended up looking like:

And here is my drawing:

We're giving Rob a choice as to which one he wants. I am rooting for Nora's.

Running Time: 43:11

Music: The Pocket Devils | Cartoon World
My Wacom Tablet.
Adi Granov Art Tutorial
Message from Nancy from Lakewood.

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  1. Dig the show......sounds great. Found you because you are the only other podcast from Ohio according to Podcastpickle besides mine. Mine (ours) is We are 2 progressives stuck down here in Republican hell. (Warren County, Ohio)

    Anyway-your show sounds very good-must be in a real studio or something. What equipment do you use? Would love to know more---find me at And, once again, the new podcast is

    Uncle Dan

  2. I was joking about the Drawbone thing, but glad you liked it!

  3. Uncle Dan - there's several other podcasts in Ohio.

    Aunt Bea is calling you in the kitchen!

  4. I am so glad I got my DWG early, a placenta would have never made the list now.

  5. yeah cincinnati podcasts represent!