Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Crush Everything

Ok, I never say this, but I am on a roll. Here is the latest "over-wagging" image for the Coulton Karaoke CD. It's for the song "I Crush Everything" -- a song about a Giant Squid. Over the top. Way over the top. But hey, I'm nothing if not prolific.

About this image: For years, (ever since I was about 18 or so), I've been trying to draw like one of my idols, Bill Sienkiewicz.I bought Stray Toasters and poured over the pages studying the lines and techniques, trying to mimic the style. It used to kill me that I couldn't paint like him. I fell apart at the bristol board and just gave up, disheartened. Flash forward to the digital age. I buy a Wacom, learn Photoshop and voila! I can draw!

Actually, it hasn't been that simple. It has literally taken me years to get this right. And for the first time, I feel I've done it. So, this is a total homage to one of the great masters of comic art and art in general. I am gracious for the inspiration.