Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Link Dump: Round Up Of Random Weird Stuff Issue 3

Once again, the Jawbone Mail Box filleth and once again, we have to dumpeth all over your lap. And since no one seemed to care about Bombay TV, I thought I needed to redeem myself. That's what I get for updating the blog before a dentist appointment. Anyway. Here are some of the cooler links that have come through to the top of the Nobby Annex recently:

Once again Tracy comes through with some awesome art links. Checky-checky:
Eatpoo: Sketches and Digital Painting by Roundeye
And more inspiration from Ken Wong. This guy is awesome.

More from Nephew Mark:
Don't Eat It!

Being a Mac lover who has looked on Ebay for my Powerbook and got was appaled at the scams, I can relate to this prank. Wish I would have done this. Hilarious.

Fat Mark's Editorial: "check out the salad fingers series, as well as the one called 10 different kinds of soup (if you get the chance) ....creepy...."

Cool Video Game Time: Fresh from E3 comesHellGate. There's even a podcast involved somehow.

From Matt:
A new WOW movie in the works? This is sad, but I would probably want to see it.

From Wayne in the UK:
The Worst Album Covers of All Time. Avert your eyes. They may burn right out of your skull.

What would a link dump be without a good Bigfoot link? Dennis from Santa Cruz sends us this: Friends of Sasquatch. Sure, I want to be friends with Sasquatch. But I think he wants something more.

And that's it for now! Keep the links coming folks.