Friday, June 09, 2006

War Of The World Cup

Got this hilarious e-mail from Phillp today:
"Len, after reading the Show 114 comments about soccer, I followed Wayne in the UK's suggestion to take a look at I had a Richard-Dreyfus-in-Close-Encounters-staring-at-a-pile-of-mashed-potatoes moment when I saw a picture of the cup itself. It looked eerily familiar. Then it struck me: alien hand grasping the planet earth War of the Worlds style! NO!

We Americans know and care nothing for soccer, and this may be our salvation! Perhaps we collectively sensed something that nobody else could. The Soccer Overlords may have already assimilated many of your soccer-crazed foreign listeners, but please get the word out! "
That is really strange, Phillip. In fact, I'm wondering if me singing "Tom Cruise Crazy" will end tragically with me and my entire family bludgeoned to death with one of these FIFA trophies. Let's hope not.