Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hodgman and Coulton in Taxachusetts this weekend!

Got this in the tubes today from FoJ John Hodgman. If you are in the Massachusetts area, this will be worth checking out:

The Montague Bookmill/Lady Killigrew.
Sat., Aug. 19, 8 PM

Local author and impresario John Hodgman will soon leave the Pioneer Valley area after a summer of residency and internet-theft at the Lady Killigrew Cafe and the Montague Bookmill of Montague, MA.

But before he goes, he wishes to introduce the western counties to the song stylings of JONATHAN COULTON in a night of SONGS ABOUT ZOMBIES, MATH, AND FEELINGS.

JONATHAN COULTON, in addition to his masthead position of "Contributing Troubadour" at Popular Science magazine (absolutely true), is featured prominently on the audio edition of Hodgman's bestselling book THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE, and his many many songs (A NEW ONE EVERY WEEK!), including "Mandlebrot Set," "Re: Your Brains," and "Baby Got Back", have been heard on PODCASTS THROUGHOUT THE LAND.

Hodgman will introduce Coulton, and following the show, he will guest-bar tend at the Lady Killigrew while Coutlton will sit at the bar and guest-drink. EVEN IF YOU LOATHE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, COME WATCH THIS STRANGE BIT OF THEATER DEVOLVE TO ITS INEVITABLE, TRAGIC CONCLUSION!

Both will sign books and CDs and discuss TOPICS OF INTEREST.

Three copies each of Hodgman's as-yet-unreleased PAPERBACK and AUDIO EDITION of his book will be given FREE to the first six people to purchase Coulton materials.
For information, please visit Coulton or Lady Killigrew.