Monday, August 14, 2006

Link Dump: Round Up Of Random Weird Stuff Issue 10

Zombie Alphabet: TIt's been a while since I've done a link dump of any note, so what better what to get back on the bandwagon then by just jumping into the dump with two feet.

Eep. That didn't sound right at all. in any event, let the dumping begin!


Those of you who were reading the blog over the weekend saw that I have started a new Flickr illustration group called "Zombie Army". This, along with the challenge put forth by fellow 700 Hobo member Apelad's 1 Hour Alphabet Challenge, I created a whole zombie alphabet set.

Not only that, but fellow hobomeister and Jawbone fan, Dan, created a rudimentary alphabet toy Spelling With Zombies. Obviously, it's still in it's development stages, but come on! This is all in a night's work, people!

UPDATE: Not even 24 hours old, Spelling with Zombies just got boinged!


Continuing the Zombie links; Dan sends me this Lordi video complete with zombie cheerleaders.


From Neil: Ricky Gervais AKA David Brent Video for Microsoft.


From Wayne in the Ukraine: Angry British Guy yells at telemarketer. Be aware, NSFW or home for that matter.


Finally, from Neil...I know a ton of you have been wondering what happened to 80's pop icon Billy Squier? Well, some people on the tubes are claiming it was this video that basically a killed his career Perhaps Billy was trying to tell us something about his persuasion? We'll let you decide.

And now is the time to say goodbye. Goodbye until the next link dump.