Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meet Ed McNamara

In a lot of ways, Ed reminds me of me. Is he a Showman or an Entreprenuer? Could he be an Showtreprenuer? You decide.

More about Ed here.

Ok, so I just had an idea for a little viral experiment. Let's call it the "Spread Some Ed" Campaign. I'm interested to see how far we, collectively as the net, can throw Ed in one week. Feel free to use the link to the animation of Ed. Or just grab it and host it on your site. Whatever you have to do, I don't care, just spread Ed anyway you can. Make a blog post with him in it. Post it to E-mail him to a friend. If anyone stops you, just say that you are participating in a wide Internet experiment to "Spread Some Ed". if they still look at you weird, run. And then blame Mel Gibson. That's pretty fashionable these days. In any event, I'd be interested to see where Ed ends up. If you reference this blog post, make sure you use the trackback URL so we can all see. And also share some links in the comments for this post.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and Spread Some Ed this week!