Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Link Dump: Round Up Of Random Weird Stuff Issue 11

It's been a while since I've done one of these and the mailbox overfloweth. So here we go. Not much time. Too many links. Let's get to em.

From Neil: Amazing 3D sidewalk chalk art. You gotta see it to believe it. My personal faves are the first two. Really cool work.


Got this really cool link from Joe in LA. I think this fits right in with the whole Zombie Army vibe that's been going around like a sickness lately. If you dig this shirt, you can pick one up for yourself here. And don't forget my own "Eat Brains" design here.


From Craig in San Diego: This story about Applebees and a rather large tip.
"Applebee's fine cuisine gave this guy the entrepreneurial energy to accumulate a ton of disposable income, as well as improving his generosity and friendliness to boot.

Or it caused him to lose his family and his health, leaving his last opportunity for a small bit of joy going deep into debt for a barmaid, then kicking-off and stiffing the card company.

I guess it's all up to interpretation and your world-view.
Hooray! Now we can buy all the ribets we want!


From Matt in Alaska: Metallic Art. I would totally love a few of these in our backyard. If we had a decent sized backyard that is.


From Chad: There is hope for me after all:

See the real billboard here.


And finally from Wayne in the UK. I leave you with this:

Thanks for taking the dump with me! Until next time...