Tuesday, September 19, 2006

XBOX, PS3 and Wii: Real Talk from Real Gamers

So, I'm surfing around this morning, really looking at the upcoming November battle between the big three game systems.

In corner one, we have XBOX360, Microsoft's formidable gaming box that has cemented a solid foothold for the big MS in the gaming world. In corner two, we have Sony's PS3, which has been fraught with bad press from virtually everywhere, delays and high price points all around. In corner three, we have Nintendo's golden boy and savior, the Wii that promises to put Nintendo back on top to reclaim their glory. And in corner four, you have us. The public, who suddenly are in a the middle of a competition that could rival any night-long MMO battle. (Geeky ref, yes I know.)

Look, I'm an old guy...or older, as the case may be. And while a decade ago, it would have been considered weird to have a guy in his mid 30's drooling over the latest video game technology, this demo makes up a good part of the gaming community. And although I am a dad and a genuine old guy, I am still fascinated by this battle. Will the Wii really deliver the same kind of excitement that I remember from my college days? (Remember, the SNES?) Will XBOX be left in the dust when no one cares about incredible graphics anymore? Will Sony be able to overcome their missteps and still remain relevant? Or should everyone just stick to playing Guitar Hero on the PS2?

I'm interested in hearing what you guys have to say. Enough of the conjecture and the specs and the endless stream of articles. What are you guys exicted to play if anything? Are any of you going to drop some coin on either the new systems? Or will you be waiting for price drops? I'm interested in hearing not from the hardcore gamers, because quite frankly I found I can't trust what these guys say. Gamespot gave the new Lego Star Wars Original Trilogy a 7.7 rating, but it's probably one of the most engaging enjoyable games I think my family has ever played. So I want to her from people who just enjoy video games as a fun occasional distraction. Because I think they are the mainstream gamers.

Anyone want to chime in?