Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jawbone MiniCast: It's A PodSafe Christmas Song, Everybody!

Here's a special mini-mini cast where we let people know about our super secret doings. It's a Podsafe Christmas Song by Jonathon Coulton and friends. You'll also get the song by itself in the feed.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas! :)

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  1. Hey Len,

    This is awesom. You guys did a great job. I will be playing it on my show--hopefully before everyone else has played it on theirs.

    (Oh look. Visual verification of comments. :-( I hate Blogger!

  2. I am going to play your podsafe Christmas song on my show on saturday...

    I liked it...It was very funny.

  3. Thanks guys! Remember to give Jonathan Coulton his props on the song. The guy is a genius in my book!

  4. After showing the podcast to my c-hosts It is getting played on today's porkchop's political oddcast as the outro.

    - Thanks guys

  5. this is great!
    did a whole Coulton post on my blog, I love this guy, just got his album after hearing his stuff via various podcasts- the song 'christmas is interesting' is worth playing too... xx