Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A New Project for Extra Life

My buddy, Scott Johnson from EL Radio is out of town til tomorrow. But I couldn't resist posting this. It's a drawing of what could become a series of portraits of Extra Life Listeners. Now, I know these guys have a sense of humor (hopefully) and can see that this is all done in good fun. But I got the idea from listening to one of his previous shows with a video game player who hated pretty much every video game out there. Anyway, if these take off, I'll probably do more. Enjoy!

Extra Life Listeners: The Series


  1. If I provide a pic of myself I SOOOOO want one of these done. :)

  2. I'd like to get Scott's approval first. Something kind of odd about me drawing his listeners. :D

  3. Hey Len!

    It's Morex from Mexico and I have to say you must be a psychic or something. Look at this picture!

    BTW, love your show!

  4. Morex:

    Any similarities are purely coincidental. :)