Saturday, November 05, 2005

New mini-poll question added

I added a new mini-poll question on the righthand sidebar. Please feel free to vote on it. I was having some problems last week with some popups on the site that I think were caused by the poll. If you experience these problems, please let me know so I can pull the poll off the site.

In the meantime, go forth and vote!


  1. Didn't you already put a picture, in the early archives there was an article about you two, didn't it have a b&w pic of you? also, is jawbone gonna be on CD? I am trying to save the episodes but they are not working, only the current ones in the rss feed are there.

  2. Yes, There is a pic of us somewhere, albiet a bad one. A little sleuthing can go a long way.

    Also, Jawbone on CD? Hmmm...maybe after our show 100. ;)

  3. Wow, 100 shows on one cd? You better make it the DVD format. You have too much stuff to fit on just one CD :)

    Add some of your cool art and you'll make a fortune...