Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Who Wants A Jawbone Radio Podcast Action Figure?

I nearly fell off my chair when I read this. Looks like I'm going to be an action figure.

"EUGENE, OR (T100 NEWS): Former MTV video jockey and "father" of Podcasting, Adam Curry is poised to release a line of action figures based on the many of the hosts of today's hot phenomenon called Podcasting. The figures, to be relased by toy giant Hasbro, are small representations of some of the hottest Podcast shows including "The Dawn and Drew Show," "Jawbone Radio," and even Curry's own show called "The Daily Source Code."

Other characters such as the "Dawn and Drew" figures have props that go along with the figures, such as a replica of the farmhouse they broadcast from with real working farm animals. There's even a small computer inside the farmhouse that they would use to record the shows in real life. The Jawbone Radio character is wearing a small T-shirt with artwork from the real host and artist of the show, Len."

Wow! What an honor. :)

Thanks to Mr. X for the heads up!


  1. when is the photo-op?!?!?

  2. Are you getting a cut of the sales since he's selling your likeness?

  3. Why do I have a feeling this is total BS and I just fell for it??

  4. Ahaahhaahhahahahahhahahahhahahh.

  5. aaron....check out the article!

    len....will you sign my edible iPod? Also, I heard that they are using Chris "MINDFREAK" Angel for your likeness!

  6. I am SO getting a Len Action Figure (TM)!

    Man, I wish they did one of me!

  7. Pretty funny. I wonder what the cost is to do all five of us on our show. We could release like four and make one a limited edition, and then they could be sold on ebay all NWT and such.

    Or not. But I'd so pay to get a Josh action figure with a detachable didgeridoo.