Sunday, January 15, 2006

Disney On Ice - NAKED!

Something is very wrong with the costume designer for this show. I remember seeing the commercial for Finding Nemo on Ice about a year ago and both Nora and I had to rewind the commerical to make sure we were seeing what we were. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this photograph, but I'm seeing large, bulbous breasts on the front of those foam rubber costumes. It looks even worse on TV, because the imagery is flashing quickly before your eyes, edited with shots of seahorses and's designed to confuse the senses. I can just imagine a bunch of dads sitting slack-jawed and drooling over the faux breasts that skated before them, and the mothers suddenly realizing that they have just gotten discount tickets from Tops for a boob show. Odd. Very odd.


  1. Reminds me of the naked
    in The Rescuers!

  2. Sorry, Len. I don't see the problem . . .

  3. Hey thanks for putting this post up because that show is not playing in Phoenix and now everytime I see the ad for it, I think of this....Way to screw up my head! =)