Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Now It Can be Told...

Since the holidays are over, and the dust has settled, I thought it might be fun to show off some images from a project that never got off the ground. By now, you probably have all heard Jonathan Coulton's Podsafe Christmas Song, that featured us as well as Adam Curry, and CC Chapman as an Alvin and the Chipmunk-esque band of singers. Shortly after the song was released, a few of us had bandied the idea around of possibly creating a video to go along with the song. The idea quickly turned to adapting all the podcasters featured in the song (including Mr. Coulton) as South Park characters. One, it would sort of fit the style of the song. Two, it would be relatively easy to animate. And three, the South Park characters were pretty easy to draw. So I went ahead and created South Park figures of myself and all the other characters in the song.

Unfortunately, real life and the holidays called and Chris from the Daily Download and Just Sue from Extra Super Action Show were unable to get the video completed in time. So all we have is the raw drawings that were meant to be animated. So here, for the first time are some of those images from the yet to be completed/started Podsafe Christmas Song music video!

This is the drawing of Adam Curry. In the song, Adam was turned into the brash and bratty Alvin of the bunch. We took that a bit further by giving Adam a doobie and some bloodshot eyes. I do not have any personal knowledge of whether the Podfather tokes it up in his spare time. This is what i was told to draw. Please do not come and break my legs, Podfather.

Here is the amiable and ever-loved teddy bear of a podcaster, Mr. CC Chapman. Once again, the fact that Mr. Chapman is a bit heavier in this rendering is not my doing. I was only being told what to draw! My original drawing of CC was very svelte, athletic and fit. This is not a personal commentary on Mr. Chapman. I happen to think he is a wonderful man. Once again, please do not send goons. I was only following orders.

And finally, here is the image of the master musician Mr. Jonathan Coulton. I was flying blind on this drawing since it was a bit difficult finding an image of Mr. Coulton to work from. A Google search of his name came up with different images of master brewers, pierogis, scotch drinkers and Dalaran wizards, hardly the sort of source material that would be considered reliable. After an exhaustive search however, I was able to find a fairly good photo to work from and I came up with this mumu-wearing fellow.

After writing all of this, I'm starting to realize why the video was never created in the first place. Probably better that way.


  1. Oh man... that's still a project waiting to be done... Maybe you can get it done before the next holiday season? I think the song's definitely got some long term relevance, so I'm eagerly anticipating the final run of this video.

  2. Hey Len,
    Not only are you a really good graphic artist, you're quite a wit as well.

  3. Aw shucks. Thanks for the compliment!