Monday, January 16, 2006

Jawbone #93: The Wonderfully Magical Mystical World Of Jonathan Coulton

On this episode of Jawbone, we speak to prolific and popular podsafe artist, Jonathan Coulton. We discuss the Year of the Coulton, his affiliation and Friday Night barfights with Mr. John Hodgman, being a contributing troubador for Popular Science magazine, annoying jingles and a whole lot of Jonathan Coulton music! Open your ears and let the Coulton in, won't you?

RUNNING TIME: 1hr 3min

Baby Got Back
Weird Al Yankovic
They Might Be Giants
John Hodgman
Cleveland Security Company

Mandelbrot Set
SkullCrusher Mountain
That Spells DNA
Todd the T1000
A Laptop Like You
I Crush Everything

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  1. He has already done it. :)

    Buy his stuff!

  2. i love Jonathan, this is the Jawbone I'd been praying for! :)


    I got his CD before xmas...not easy to find in the UK. In fact, not available to buy in the UK! xxx

  3. I'll grant DJ Hojo's point that this sounds a lot like TMBG, but that's one of the reasons I like it. In listening to the Thing a Week, I've discovered that Jonathan does indeed do more than just "Lincoln"-style covers. Drive and Flickr are great pieces that stand on their own.