Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Interesting Clash With The Podfather

Check this out. It's an e-mail exchange between podcaster, KnightWise and The Podfather himself. Crazy. I couldn't imagine getting an "F-- YOU" from the guy...but maybe he's still crafting my letter.

Read the blog post here, before it gets pulled off the net.


  1. I think Knightwise underestimates Podcasters and Podcast listeners. There are numerous sources for Podsafe music out there. I actually kind of found myself agreeing with Adam Curry a bit. Was AC being a jerk? Yep, but that's what he does best and he knows it. Podcasts are allowed free speech and AC has that right just like the rest of us.

  2. Come on now......people are getting angry because AC makes money off his podcast? Sounds like the ugly green monster to me. I'm more worried about shows promoting child molestation than making money.......I agree with AC: F-U knightwise.

    Also......AC has been dealing with his mother's cancer amidst all of this, give the guy a break!

  3. Let me just defend mysellf here. All this podshow-bizz happened like two months ago or something (way before his mom got diagnosed again). And i'm not going after AC because he is making money of his podcast .. far from it ..
    I just want to point out that some SDC listeners are far too naive sometimes ...

  4. I think the key is any DSC listener that needs Podsafe music for their show would most likely know there are multiple sources for this type of "safe/free" music. The average listener that doesn't do their own Podcast won't know or care about it. So the point becomes kind of moot.